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Now available in
If you are a follower of knitBranda from Etsy, you know that these items are not new. The novelty is that now you can find them in our store knitBrandashop, especially in these days when we have our Etsy shop closed for holidays.

And while we’re on vacation, we tell you that we’re not sunbathing on a beach, but we are painting our house… not professional painters, but ourselves with our own hands! Yes, we are a bit slow but if you are a woman, you know that if you decide to paint your house, you can never let go of your chores.


  1. Chunky Scarf Knitted in Nougat Soft Wool Blend
  2. Infinity Scarf Copper Brown Hand Knitted
  3. Scarflette Knitted in Ochre, Burgundy and Gray Pure Wool
  4. Terracotta Long Scarf Knitted in Soft Wool Blend
  5. Coral Red Scarf Hand Knitted


  1. Rusty Brown Beret Hand Knitted in Soft Wool Blend
  2. Orange Slouchy Beanie Hat Knitted in Soft Wool Blend
  3. Terracotta Cloche Hat Hand Knitted in Soft Wool
  4. Tweed Red Beret Hand Knitted in Soft Wool Blend
  5. Red Tam Hand Knitted with Soft Wool Blend

Terracotta_Mittens_Hand_Knitted_by_knitBrandaTerracotta Mittens Hand Knitted


  1. Handbag Knitted in Rusty Brown with Brass Handles
  2. Red Hobo Bag Knitted – Faux Leather Straps
  3. Red Beach Bag Knit in Cotton with Rattan Handles

Coin purses

  1. Tweed Brown Retro Coin Purse Hand Knitted
  2. Rusty Brown Retro Coin Purse Knitted in Soft Wool Blend
  3. Brick Red Coin Purse Keychain Knitted in Soft Wool Blend
  4. Terracotta Retro Coin Purse Hand Knitted
  5. Orange Coin Purse Hand Knitted in Soft Wool Blend
  6. Orange Coin Purse Knitted in Cotton Yarn
  7. Keychain with Tiny Purse Knitted in Red Acrylic Yarn


  1. Ethnic Square Necklace Yellow Magenta Red
  2. Square Ring Red on Silvered Plated Adjustable Base

Dear follower, we miss you too and hope to return soon! Kisses! :-) :-)

Los números de 2013

Los duendes de las estadísticas de prepararon un informe sobre el año 2013 de este blog.

Aquí hay un extracto:

Un teleférico de San Francisco puede contener 60 personas. Este blog fue visto por 1.600 veces en 2013. Si el blog fue un teleférico, se necesitarían alrededor de 27 viajes para llevar tantas personas.

Haz click para ver el reporte completo.

From gray to blue!

From gray to blue!

knitBranda in a week

knitBranda in a week